Like Winning? Then You’ll Love DealDash!


If you’re the kind of person who “never wins anything”, then you should give DealDash a try. It’s easy to win when you’re a newbie!

Being a newbie on DealDash is a fun and exciting experience. Luckily, DealDash has a lot of features that makes it easier for newbies to get into the swing of things and win auctions even if they aren’t quite sure what they are doing. If you’re the kind of person who feels like they are not “lucky” or “not a winner” then you should still try DealDash anyway. After all, they do offer a money back guarantee! Read on for more information.

There is a Great DealDash Tutorial

Back when I started on DealDash there was no tutorial. There were “House Rules” and “How it Works”, but now there is something WAY better! There is an amazing interactive tutorial that you can use to learn how to participate on DealDash. Just navigate to the bottom of the DealDash home screen and you will see the “Help” section. You will find the tutorial in the help section. It’s fun to do, and you will receive 10 free bids for your participation.

You Won’t Be Thrown to the Wolves

When you’re a newbie on DealDash there are lots of things to help you get started. For starters, newbies who haven’t won any auctions (or have only won 1 or 2) have more auctions available to them than more seasoned bidders. They have all of the regular auctions, but there are also extra auctions for small items such as $10 gift cards and small bid packs that only other newbies can see. This makes it fairer so the newbies have a chance to get a few wins while they are still learning.

If You Don’t Win…

As a newbie, an important thing to remember is that if you “accidentally” bid too many times and you still aren’t going to win, you can BIN. BIN means Buy It Now. When you do a Buy It Now it means that you buy the item for the retail price. You will get ALL of the bids back that you placed, as well as getting free shipping. BINning items are a great way to not bust your bidding budget.

Thanks for Reading the Tips Blog

I hope that this article helped you understand a little more about being a newbie on DealDash. Go ahead check out the auctions on DealDash. Visit DealDash now to see what’s up for bid. DealDash has everything you need.  Good luck and happy bidding everyone!




This sponsored blog post was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Read even more at, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.