"No New Bidders" on DealDash?

So you’ve tried to bid on an auction only to find that you can’t place a bid. You have bids in your bidding account and you haven’t exceeded the weekly win limit, so why can’t you bid?
“No New Bidders!”
no new
On DealDash if you try to place a bid after the auction price is at $5 and you hadn’t placed a bid previously in the auction, the site will  block you from bidding due to all penny auctions on DealDash being “No Jumper” auctions. So no new bidders can place a bid after $5.00.
No exceptions!
Be sure you place a bid early on before the $5.00 price or find another auction to bid on.
All auctions that show yellow banners with the words “No New Bidders,” are “No Jumper” auctions. No Jumper auctions were created by DealDash to make it so no new bidders can “jump in” and join in on an auction if they haven’t already invested bids prior to when an auction receives 500 bids.

What happens is a few bidders could invest a lot of money and bids from the get-go, the beginning of the auction, then later on someone could enter, not place any bids and then spend as much as they did to that point and make the others spend more, or win for much less. A lot of penny auction bidders dislike jumpers and feel that allowing them to “jump in” late isn’t fair. Really it’s just how the auctions are set up, but DealDash makes it so no one new can enter after $5, upsetting bidders already vying for the item.
no new biddersIf you bid on DealDash what are your opinions of No New Bidder – No Jumper Auctions? Do you think they make some auctions end quicker, or go on even longer?