How Can You Put in Your CC and Not Think You Would be Charged?

Ok, so the record on this one really needs to be set straight. I am not sure why this is really, or why it is that someone would put their credit card number on a webpage and expect for it not to be charged. A few users have registered on DealDash recently, input their cc information on the 2nd page after signing up and then came on here to complain about being charged. The thing with this is the fact that they are buying a bid pack is clearly stated on the page.
On the left side you will see where it says 400 bids – at $0.16 each – $64 – then on the right side a place to input your cc or pay via PayPal. How is it that some users get confused by this page when they are entering a cc in the box?
Do you give a credit card to someone (consenting) and still expect not to be charged?
One recent comment by a reader here states, “I didn’t know I would be charged 75 dollars for a bid pack can I get a refund please?” There is a 100% money back guarantee so if you do put in your credit card after a page that says $64 after you register (and note you can look around without paying for any bids) so if you don’t know this please do contact DealDash’s customer support.
See the page in question here:
400 bid
Does this page confuse you or did it in any way – even after you put your credit card in the box? Did you know you would be charged, or just think it’s not a big deal to put your credit card in after it says $64 and 400 bids?
Do you bid on DealDash? If you do, what has your bidding experience been? Did you win? Lose? Get confused? If you have won, what have you won and received so far? We want to feature your bidding stories here so definitely comment below and tell us. Are you frustrated or happy with your experience? Did you know that if you don’t win anything you can buy the item at the price stated and get your bids back to bid again in another auction?