How to Buy Bids on DealDash and Various Payment Methods

Are you wondering how you can buy bids on DealDash?   Payment Methods   Can you use a pre-paid debit card to purchase bids? Absolutely.   Can you use a Visa credit card? Yes!   How about MasterCard? Yep!   American Express? Check!   Discover Card? Of course!   Diner’s Card International? That’s accepted on DealDash, too.   How about PayPal? Yes, DealDash accepts Visa Debit & Credit Cards, MasterCards, American Express cards, Discover, Diner’s Card and PayPal as acceptable payment methods for purchasing bids and paying the final end price of their auctions.   To buy bids go to buybids   Select the bid pack that you would like. The bid packs range from 200 bids for $36 (today with a bid promo all bids are $0.18 each), 450 bids for $81, 950 bids for $171, 1500 for $270 and 2500 for $450. Next, enter your credit card info and name, or click on the PayPal tab.
Then click continue and the bids will be credited into your account and reflected on the top right menu bar.
bids dealdash
Plus, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your card numbers when transmitting this secure information on DealDash – DealDash is SSL McAfee Secure and VeriSign Trusted.       symantec verisign dealdash   Do you buy bids on DealDash? Remember, if you don’t win an auction you can use buy it now to purchase the item at the listed price and get all of your bids back into your account to try again next time!