My Tips for Using the BidBuddy

Never underestimate the power of your BidBuddy!  The best thing you can do for yourself when you are bidding at DealDash is to use your BidBuddy.  Literally from the first bid start using it. I explain below more on setting it up.
To keep yourself from recklessly bidding on items you don’t want, try not to bid from the main page.  It’s okay to throw a bid in from the main page to establish your presence, but I don’t recommend it, it leads to wasted bids, and you can’t keep track of when it’s your “turn” to bid.  If you do bid from the main page and then have to switch to inside the individual auction, you could miss your opportunity to win an item for a few pennies.  I see that happen a lot on at Deal Dash, but if you are not in the auction, you can’t use your BidBuddy.
So, once you find an item you are serious about bidding on, click into the auction.  Set up your Bid Buddy by placing your desired number of bids in the space provided and at 10 seconds or less, hit the “Book BidBuddy” button.  Plan on spending about a third of the value of the item, there is no science to that, just an observation.
The greatest benefit of using the BidBuddy is not over bidding.  The BidBuddy knows when it’s your turn to bid and places a bid for you at just the right moment.  Not only does that save bids, it also maximizes the gauge on the free reward bid meter.
Another wonderful benefit of the BidBuddy is your ability to walk away from the auction.  I like to watch my auctions, but when I have to leave the room, I’m sure to over set the Bid Buddy, because it could be a close race at the end and I want to be sure to come out on top.  Using my Bid Buddy is one of my best strategies at
Happy Bidding!!
Donna, DealDash customer since 2014.