DealDash Bidding to Win Tip: Use BidBuddy!

Are you tired of always missing the bid button when bidding only to find that the last bidder ends up winning? Save time and money by making sure you don’t miss the bid button on
BidBuddy is an automatic bidding system in DealDash that will bid for you when you tell it how many bids you want it to bid for you
Advantages of Using BidBuddy
There’s a competitive advantage.
It’s likely that other users won’t know you are using the bid buddy. But they could be on bid buddy, too. Bid buddy places bids for you at periodic times during the auction. You will not know when bid buddy is going to fire.
Wi-Fi connection weak? You could lose out if you’re not connected to a fast, stable Internet network. You could place a bid and then notice the auction shows ended. This is due to latency and your bid was never recorded because your Internet failed when you tried to place the bid.
If you want to have a better chance of winning you should try bid buddy!
If you place bids on an item via the bid buddy system by inputting more bids than you use to win, what happens to your bids? You get all of the unused bids back into your account.
Do you use BidBuddy when you bid in DealDash’s auctions?
Here’s what other bidders have to say about BidBuddy:
PACKERS42 says:
“I agree with all the other post that have been posted.
BID BUDDY is the way to go when you really want the item your bidding on.
I hate when people keep jumping bids and think they are gonna win by wasting their bids and other bidders bids. All their doing is driving up the price and not getting their time in to get free bids.
Isn’t it all about getting a deal?
Note to all team players on dealdash:
Wvajan shares: 
How do you stay motivated? My answer is quite simple. Use the bid Buddy! Greatest tool on the site because you can load it with the number of bids you want and forget for awhile. I always come back and check my bids just in case it is down and I need to add more.
I have been on Deal Dash for over a year and have won a lot of nice things really cheap. My time that I bid is in early in morning and around 430-500pm. This seems to be the best time since I am in the eastern zone.
I also watch the winners list to see what people are paying for the item I like to bid on.
Gumball tells us: 
I love Deal Dash! I have been able to win some great gifts for my family (especially around the holidays…with 5 kids and 12 grandchildren every little bit helps lol). I don’t like those that ‘stomp’ as not all of us have the extra money to buy bids all the time & we like earning our free bids. I do like that DD places win limits to make it fair for everyone & what a nice bonus to get free bids when you’ve been able to reach new levels! Thanks DealDash 🙂
Many bidders enjoy using bid buddy! Do you?