Most Common Irritations

As much as we love shopping on I’m sure we all experience some irritations – mostly from new customers who do not yet know how to play.

Thankfully, DealDash has already done a lot to alleviate and/or solve the most common irritations.

Irritation No. 1 – Bidding from the front page

Irritation Number 1 for me has to be players who cut the clock and vote from the Home Page, placing bids every other one.

This used to be a much bigger irritation than it is now because DealDash already solved half of this problem. At least the clock-cutters are no longer “stealing” our free bids. Whenever Newbies cut the clock DealDash still gives us credit for our full 9 seconds on the clock for each and every bid we place.

It irritates me, however, when Newbies do this because they have not yet found and learned how to use the automated bidder, BidBuddy. Since I have the screen name SorryMyTurn I sometimes waste a few of my own bids on purpose to give new players a hint that maybe they are doing something wrong and should be taking turns instead of wasting their bids.

Some Newbies catch on a lot faster than others and it’s certainly to their advantage to do so. By placing a bid every other one, it never helps them to win and it simply wastes a lot of their bids for nothing. I would think that when Newbies see they are placing more bids than anyone else they would get curious enough to contact DealDash customer support to ask why.

As long as the rest of us are still getting credit on the clock for each and every bid we place, why should this irritate us, anymore? Perhaps it is just a little more confusing when we try to count how many serious players are still left in the auction. I never count Newbies as serious players because I do not see them as being competitive. I know they will soon run out of bids by playing this way.

Possible Solution: Perhaps DealDash customer service could watch for these players and give them a phone call to explain to them how to save bids by using BidBuddy.

Irritation No. 2 – Jumping in and out

Irritation No. 2 has to be players who place one bid at the beginning and then jump in and out several times during the auction and/or dump a truckload of bids at the end – just when it looks like we have a pretty good chance to win. Of course, any of us could do the same thing and this might be just a smart way to play. It’s still irritating when it’s being done to us.

Possible Solution: DealDash might have just now come up with a really good solution to make this little irritation go away. Now some auctions are designated with a purple boxing glove. All customers playing in these auctions are required to use BidBuddy. Once we see the “No New Bidders” banner at $5.00 we can no longer jump in and out of the auction. From that point on, we must not allow BidBuddy to run out of bids or we are out of the auction. Once we run out of bids or quit we cannot re-enter the auction. I’m not sure yet how I feel about this feature, but I’m looking forward to using it to find out. It certainly eliminates the irritation of players who jump in and out throughout the auction.

Irritation No. 3 – Pick your fights

Irritation No. 3 for me would be power players who participate in far too many auctions at the same time – making it nearly impossible to find an auction they are not participating in. I have my list of power players I try to avoid and sometimes the same power players are all over the place.

In a way, DealDash encourages shoppers to participate in several auctions at the same time by offering free bids to players who place at least one bid in a specified number of auctions. That makes it even more difficult to avoid getting into an auction where these power players are not placing bids, too.

Once upon a time in DealDash land all customers had win limits but with high-dollar items like brand new cars, I don’t think win limits would work, anymore. It certainly does help, however, that shoppers are no longer allowed to participate in the same auctions they have recently won.

Possible Solution: Perhaps a possible solution would be for DealDash to designate special auctions where only shoppers who have not won an auction in the last month would be the only ones allowed to participate. It would be one way to turn losers into winners.

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