Reasons to Shop Every Day

DealDash is open 24/7 and 365 days a year!

Why would anyone want to shop on every day? Who can afford to do that?

Actually, I might say, “Who can afford not to do that?”

You see, there are many reasons why DealDash customers who shop on DealDash every day can make it work to their advantage and end up coming out ahead. I decided to list some of them:

Collect More Free Bids

By shopping on DealDash every day, we have the opportunity to meet the daily challenge and collect free bids. For example this challenge: any customer who joins in 5 gift card auctions today can get a reward of 10 free bids in return. We only have to place one of our own bids in 5 auctions and then we would not only get those 5 bids back again, but we would get 5 additional bids back absolutely free. If we collect and save these free bids every day for 30 days, we would end up with a total of 150 free bids because they add up. What a deal, huh?

Even better, we can be rewarded up to 30 free bids every day just by signing in. If we placed 30 bids the day before we can get those 30 bids returned to us as long as we consistently use at least 30 bids a day and sign in every day. If we miss a day, we will have to start all over again until we work our way back up to 30 free bids.

Become a Better Player

Based on what I see, frequent shoppers tend to win more auctions because they get more experience and soon become better players. Frequent shoppers are more likely to recognize the screen names of other players, too. Therefore, they are able to recognize how their competitors play. They quickly learn who they can beat and who they cannot beat.  

Never Miss a Special Feature

Customers who shop on DealDash every day do not miss out on special features. The other day shoppers were getting 5X on the clock. That is the most extra time I ever saw DealDash give us on the clock but I would not have known that if I had not checked in. By shopping today I knocked off several hours from my green timeline – five times faster than usual. Now my green timeline is very close to the end. Since I am on Level 76, I will soon be able to collect a huge pack of free bids.

We also do not want to miss out on a brand new feature. For example, today it appears that DealDash is introducing something they never before tried. On the home page I see a purple boxing glove with the words “No Re-Entry Auctions. Keep BidBuddy Active.” Wow! That looks interesting. In other words, any auction that is marked with that purple boxing glove it means we still must place our first bid before the “No New Bidders” banner comes up. However, once we place bids in that auction after the $5 we cannot allow BidBuddy to run out of bids or we will not be allowed to re-enter that auction. We cannot jump in and out of it. As long as we do not allow BidBuddy to run out of our bids we can continue to play. But once the auction reaches $5 if we allow BidBuddy to run out of bids we’re out and cannot get back in.

Be First to See New Items

Customers who shop on DealDash every day will also be the first to see and have the opportunity to win new items that go up for auction.

Part of the excitement of shopping on DealDash is seeing new items that we might not even know exist until we see them on this shopping site.

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.