How to Bid on the Go!

Love bidding and wish you could bid when you’re on the go? DealDash’s site is easily accessible and easy to use on a mobile device.
Of course if you are wanting to bid on your phone be sure it’s plugged in or the battery is fully charged. I know mine isn’t in these screenshots, but I wasn’t bidding. Just remember that! Also if someone calls you and you switch over to answer the phone you could lose the auction. You can easily single bid and also place bid buddies to bid for you when using DealDash on your mobile device. Notice how compact it looks! It’s perfect for browsing or a great bidding backup in case your computer’s Internet goes out for some reason.
The homepage on a mobile device isn’t like the normal homepage, it has all the same auctions, but they are displayed in a column and you will have to scroll down to see more information.
The screenshot on the left is of an actual live auction, this is what the bidding interface looks like. On the right you’ll see all of the upcoming auctions if you scroll down.
This is great and I am sure will take your bidding to the next level. Think you’re addicted to bidding now, you will be once you are bidding on your iPhone, tablet or Android powered smartphone!
Mobile bidding tips:
Make sure your phone is running at its best. If you have multiple programs or windows open be sure to close those down so that the auction will load faster and response time to bid will experience less latency.
Connect to a Wi-Fi network. If possible be sure to connect your smartphone to wireless instead of just relying on your 3G/4G connections.
Do you bid on on your phone or on the go? Let us know about it!
Check out how it looks on the iPhone 5!