Low Retail or High Retail Auctions on DealDash

When shopping on DealDash.com, do you look for low-retail or high-retail auctions?

Let’s look at some of the reasons we might choose low-retail auctions over playing high-retail auctions instead.

Low-Retail Auctions

  • Low-retail auctions are less risky. Therefore, shoppers on tight budget might be better off competing in these auctions. If we bid in low-retail auctions we probably will not need to use nearly as many bids and we will be far less likely to lose money. If we do not win, all we have to do is Buy-It-Now and get all our bids back free.
  • Low-retail auctions might not be as popular as the high-retail auctions and, therefore, might be more likely to have less competition and be easier to win.

High-Retail Auctions

  • High-retail auctions are more risky. If we bid in high-retail auctions, we would most likely have to use a lot more bids and we might not be able to afford to purchase the product if we lose. In that case, if we lose the auction, we would also lose all of our bids.
  • High-retail auctions might also be more popular and have stronger competition. Wealthy players, who can afford to purchase several large packages of bids, are more likely to shop for the high-dollar items.

Bottom line: Before bidding in an auction, we should first look at our budget and number of bids we have, check the retail value of the products, look at the competition and then decide.

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