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You never have to feel lonely when you’re bidding because DealDash Tips is here to support you. Let’s read on, together…

There are many things in life that you have to do alone – but learning about DealDash isn’t one of them. When you get a new hobby many times you have to sit alone and read books about your hobby or watch a video about your hobby. However, with DealDash Tips we are always here to give you handy advice, answer questions, and we even take requests on topics that you want to see these articles cover. Read on for more information, from DealDash.

You’re Not the Only Newbie

When you get started with DealDash it’s important to remember that you aren’t alone. You are definitely not the only newbie that started that week or even that day. You might be surprised to know that DealDash has over 8 million registered users. So even though it might feel like you are the only newbie when you see people bidding with bios from 2014 or 2015, there are thousands of people who just started using DealDash this year, so you aren’t alone in not knowing exactly what’s going on.

The Tutorial is Your Guiding Light

The DealDash tutorial will keep you company through your first auction. The tutorial is not a real auction, of course, and the bidders are not real people. However, you will feel like you have company when you see the other pretend bidders bidding. The tutorial is great for newbies because it tells you what to do, and also tells you what the other pretend bidders are doing.

Your BidBuddy is Your Friend ‘Til the End

Using the BidBuddy is the number one way to not feel like you are alone when you are bidding in auctions. He might not be a real person, but he is an excellent companion. If you haven’t met the BidBuddy yet, he is a useful tool that DealDash gives (free of charge) to everyone, in every auction.You can put in as many or as few bids as you like. You can cancel it or add more bids at any time. Your BidBuddy will take turns bidding with the other BidBuddies that are set until there are no more bids placed from BidBuddies or other bidders. After the last bid has been placed, that person (or BidBuddy) is the winner.

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