Know Before You Bid on DealDash Auctions

Love winning contests and prizes?
What if I told you that you could win whatever you want on a daily basis? Yes, that’s right! Check out all the deals that users are getting on the entertainment auction site You could win gift cards to all of your favorite stores, grocery stores, department stores, restaurants and so much more if you register for an account and bid on upcoming items! There’s more than just gift cards. DealDash offers appliances, dishes, furniture, clothing items (coming soon  Makia Clothing!), fitness gear and FitBit tracking devices, tents, bicycles, kayaks and so much more. But how do you start bidding?
1. Start out by purchasing a bid pack on DealDash. Bids cost $0.60 each and go down in price if you purchase bids during a bid pack sale! You can start out with a smaller pack or a larger pack, just remember if you are in the middle of bidding and you need more bids you may have to purchase them from another browser and hope multitasking this way doesn’t cause you to lose. It’s always best to have your bids ready ahead of time! Decide how much you want to spend to try to win an item, what you would be ok with if you lose.
2. Now that you have bids you can start bidding on any item that you’d like as long as it hasn’t gone past the “no jumper” auction $5.00 bid point. All items on DealDash are “no jumper” auctions meaning you cannot place a bid once it hits $5.00 if you didn’t bid previously.
3. Don’t want to miss a bid? Use bid buddy! Set up bid buddy with as many bids as you’d like and it will bid for you. You can do this by setting it up right on the item page.
4. Lost? You may lose, but that doesn’t make you a loser! Use buy it now and get all of the bids you placed in an auction back into your account to try again next time. Plus, buy it now will get you the item you want you will just have to pay the stated price which is close to retail!
Good luck & happy bidding on DealDash!