January’s DealDash Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore


Here are some tips for January that you shouldn’t ignore. Keep them in mind and you’ll find yourself winning! Read on for more information from DealDash.

I hope you have all been having a lovely January so far. It’s been so cold and snowy recently most people have been staying inside other than snow blowing. When you’re stuck inside there’s no better pastime than spending some time on DealDash! Here are some tips that you shouldn’t be ignored in January.

Don’t Follow the Crowd

You’ve heard it before, be a leader, not a follower! Check the Winner’s Tab on the main DealDash homepage. See what items are being won for higher prices. Do you see that everyone is bidding on a certain item or even just in a certain category? Once you have figured out what’s popular on DealDash on that particular day – avoid it! There’s no need to follow the crowd on DealDash.

Think about it, DealDash has millions of registered users, but they all don’t use the site every day. On certain days there will be people that are interested in outdoor items, other days there might be people who are more interested in baby items. If you are interested in baby items on the same day that people seem to be trending towards baby items – bid on something else that day! Come back another day for the baby items.

Avoid Bidders You have Battled and Lost

If you’ve been on DealDash for a while you probably have started to recognize certain bidder’s names, especially if you tend to stick to the same types of items and categories. If you find that you have gotten into a hard battle with someone and lost you might want to try avoid another battle with the same person in the near future.

The reason is simple! If you have recently lost to a person after a battle then they will probably remember your username…And how the beat you. They will think that you aren’t as tough to beat. This is not necessarily true, of course, but they will think it, even if it’s unconscious thinking. Of course, when I say “a battle” with them I don’t mean that they are one of 5 or 6 or 7 people that you were just bidding against in an auction, I am speaking of a 1-on-1 situation.

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