It’s 2016 At DealDash! Very, Very Exciting News!

This week the deals at DealDash are amazing! Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, that is New Years Eve through the 3rd of January DealDash is offering a variety of sales sure to please.  On Thursday and Friday there are no new bidders after $2, this means the field in less crowded.  On Saturday and Sunday you will earn 5 times the free bids,  this multiplier will fill your free bids meter 5 times quicker than usual.  

Once in a while DD will offer a sale of 3 or 4 times the free bids but this sale is for 5X!  Bids on Thursday, Friday and Sunday will be .12 cents, so that is a great time to stock up on low priced bids.  There is a lot you can do with the extra few 100 bids or so you get when there is a sale like this.  

When DealDash is having one of these sales with 5 times the free bids, I suggest you go for the big prize! You have been waiting and waiting to get up the nerve to go for a certain item, and now is the time.

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Don’t let fear overcome you when you bid.  Keep a few simple strategies in mind. 1. Don’t spread yourself too thin 2. Know the other guy can’t win them all, it will be your turn. 3. Buy bids when they are on sale, you get more for your money and those extras add up and equal more wins!

Perhaps the “greatest of these” is that DealDash will be offering new items after the third of January!!! New Items! They never stop evolving, I’m so excited! The last time they offered new items, I redecorated my whole house.  They also have added a prize valued over $14,000, a few new bikes in the 1200 to 1900 dollar range, so I am looking forward to these new additions, and remember (one of my great tips) a new item usually means less bidders and less bidders means more wins! So get in early on the new items!  

Be among the first to post a photo with the new items, go to the DealDash Facebook page, “like” and “follow” and then go back often to post your photos of you with your new item, maybe you will win the 1000 free bids offered every Monday to one lucky player.  It’s awesome to get free bids simply for taking a photo! 

Go Get’em!!!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.