Impressive Cufflinks has some new high-end cufflinks coming up for auction, and three winners already got them at an awesome bargain price.

The logo design on this set of polished stainless steel and highly durable cufflinks indicates they come from Paris, France, so they will no doubt please even the most sophisticated men who dress to impress.

A stylish man adjusts his cufflinks.
Cufflinks can be the ”cherry on top” for a great outfit.

These quality cufflinks have a BIN of $495 but on March 26 all three winners (at the time of this writing) got them for the following bargain prices:

  • The auction closed at 14 cents and the winner placed 2 bids and paid a total of 54 cents.
  • The auction closed at $1.43 and the winner placed 55 bids and paid a total of $12.43.
  • The auction closed at $3.60 and the winner placed 107 bids and paid a total of $25.00.

I doubt any of us could even find a discount store where we could get better bargains than this.

A brief history of cufflinks

According to my research, cuff links first appeared in the 1600s, but did not become popular until the end of the 18th Century. 

Prior to that, men held their cuffs together with ribbons or ties. In the 17th Century, the upper class started using small chains that were fastened to the end of a gold or silver button.

French tailors and jewelers soon started adding semi-precious gemstones or stamped designs to the gold and silver buttons. That’s when the cuff links were born.

Today cufflinks are sometimes considered to be the ultimate luxury corporate gift. They can be the perfect way to commemorate momentous moments such as promotions, mergers, Father’s day, special birthdays, retirements and/or Christmas presents.

Today’s cufflinks also come in a variety of designs and can even be custom made with initials, family crests and corporate logos. They may even be marked with birthdates of a man’s children. For example, a man who has two sons might the birth date of his first son on the right and the birthday of his second son on the left cufflink. They could also be marked with the date of a man’s wedding anniversary.

Cufflinks have become an important part of every man’s overall fashion and are especially important to upper class men who pay close attention to every detail.

Women can also wear cufflinks especially designed with a more feminine touch that could be designed with pearls.

The bottom line

If you want to find a steel of a deal on some very impressive, high-end cufflinks for your father, husband or son shopping on is the right place to shop. Just check for the upcoming auctions and click on the “Alert Me” button so you will be sure to never miss out on the opportunity to win this special gift for that special man in your life.

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