An Exquisite Chess Set

Do you like to challenge yourself to keep your mind active?  Perhaps you know someone else who does.

Then you will not want to miss out on the auction featuring this exquisite chess set with a BIN of $300.00. According to the auction description, this set is “handcrafted by local craftsmen using mango wood from India,” which really makes this set stand out that anyone would be proud to own. In fact, a chess set like this could be handed down from generation to generation.  

A hand knocks over a chess piece, ending the game with checkmate!
Chess is a beautiful game – even more if you have a special board and pieces!

Looking at the past winners of this auction, it’s obvious that some DealDash shoppers are willing to pay a lot more than $300 to own a quality set like this. However, at least four previous winners were able to win this chess game at a bargain price. For example:

  • On April 14, this auction sold for $7.78. The winner paid a total of $56.58 including the cost of the 244 bids used.
  • On April 12, this auction sold for $15.78. The winner paid a total of $48.49 including the cost of the 203 bids used.
  • On April 11, this auction sold for $19.24. The winner paid a total of $49.52 including the cost of the 238 bids used.

The above examples show some shoppers have already won a great bargain on this unique and exquisite chess game.

A Brief History of Chess

The history of chess can be traced back to nearly 1,500 years, beginning in India and from there spreading to Persia. From there the game of chess was taken up by the Muslim world and went from there to southern Europe. Once it went to Europe the game pieces’ names and appearances were changed to resemble an English court

Ches (Chess) is an acronym for Chario (rook), Horse (knight), Elephant (bishop) and Soldiers (pawns).

A study involving 4,000 second-grade student showed that after 4 ½ months of studying chess, it significantly increased their IQ score.

According to my research, “The game of chess has been found to be addictive because of increased levels of hormones such as dopamine providing a feeling of euphoria and happiness and, according to my research, thus the brain associates that feeling with playing chess.”

It is believed that playing chess “enhances critical thinking skills” and one of the main reasons chess is difficult is that it requires players to adapt at a moment’s notice. In other games, we do the same thing over and become better at it, but that isn’t the case with chess. “Because you’re playing against someone else, you have to be able to adapt to them to win.”

The Bottom Line

After finding out about some of the many benefits of playing chess, perhaps we should all learn how to play the game if we don’t already play it, and now we have the opportunity to win the game on

Any one of us could be the next shopper to win a great bargain in the chess auction, so I will probably see you there.

Happy shopping everyone!

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