Support Ukraine is making a gigantic effort to support Ukraine, and we can help.
A special auction has been created for a DealDash customer to win a virtual Meet ‘N’ Greet with Ryan Arey, the host of Screen Crush, and 100% of the auction proceeds will be donated to relief efforts in Ukraine.

There are many ways to offer support to Ukraine and those affected by war!

This special auction will begin this week, and no new bidders will be accepted after the auction reaches $100. I don’t know all the details on how the BIN of $10,000 will work, but if some shoppers choose to pay the BIN of $10,000 to get all their bids back for free at the end of the auction, arrangements will also be made for those shoppers to get scheduled to have a virtual Meet ‘N’ Greet with Ryan Arey, too. That means Arey could end up doing more than one virtual Meet ‘N’Greets. If anyone has a question about this, it might be a good idea to contact DealDash customer support.

According to the description on this auction, it is a rare opportunity for shoppers to win a virtual, one-on-one Meet ‘N’ Greet with this “illustrious host.” Evidently, Ryan Arey has a huge following of fans “for his reviews of movie & TV shows, breakdowns, analysis, Easter eggs and video essays from the popular YouTube creator of Screen Crush.”

We Americans are known for our generosity when it comes to helping others in need. If you have been watching the news of Russia’s attack on Ukraine you have seen images of some of the most vulnerable – women, children and the elderly. Thousands of their homes have been completely demolished and the millions of Ukraine’s displaced families are in critical need of food and water supplies, hygiene kits and cash assistance.

We can only imagine how devastating it would be for us to have our homes destroyed and be left with nothing but the clothes on our backs. Hopefully, DealDash shoppers who can afford to actively participate in this auction will do so – not just to win but mostly just to generously support the unfortunate refugees from Ukraine, who are struggling to survive.
Thank you, DealDash, for creating this special auction to help these brave people from Ukraine!

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