I Want That! Where to Get Cool Stuff for Less!

What cool gadgets do you want to get for less money?
DealDash is a fast-paced, fun entertainment auction site. Bids start at $0.60 each and may even be less if you catch a pack on a bid pack sale day. Each time a bidder places a bid the clock resets and the possible end price, that is if it were to end when the current bidder is bidding, increases with each bid placed. Items all come new in the box and shipping is free!
Here are our top-ten, totally cool items for sale right now on the auction site.
1. Freshwater Fish Aquarium
freshwater aquarium
This Fairyland room fish tank comes with a floating plastic fish, but the tank is also designed to house real freshwater fish! Freshwater fish are fish that spend most of their lives in fresh water, rivers and lakes mainly, with a salinity of less than 0.05%. This freshwater fish tank is perfect for the freshwater fish beginner, plus it’s cheap! For more info on freshwater fish and where to buy them at check out this site for freshwater fish for beginners.
Buy it now for $22 when there’s an active auction at DealDash.com or win it like cheyenne1001 did, for as little as $0.81  + bids!
This JBL Pulse speaker will help you create an instant dance party in any room at any time! The lights change colors and are programmable to create a customized light show. It’s compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices and it’s NFC compatible. Offers crisp 12W amplified power, two 40 mm drivers, and a rechargeable 4000 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery. And most important, it’s super cool!  Buy it now for $199!
You may be able to enjoy cotton candy now while at many of the state fairs going on throughout the U.S., but wouldn’t you love to enjoy fresh cotton candy right out of the maker?
retro cotton candy machine
Retro Red Cotton Candy Maker is versatile. It  uses your favorite brand of hard candy, sugar-free candy or standard cotton candy sugar to spin a delicious treat.Cotton candy flows quickly as unit heats up Translucent, plastic bowl allows the user to easily see each batch being made Unit disassembles easily for cleaning Comes with two plastic cotton candy cones.
 Star-Spangled Eagle Flag Slot Machine Bank
slot machine bank
Wouldn’t it be something if instead of losing money playing slots you could be saving every penny, nickel, dime or quarter you put into the machine!? Well now you can save and win with this full-action casino-style slot machine replica. It features a working handle and wide spinning reels for realistic gameplay. Coin slot will even sound and light up to add to the excitement. Plus, since it’s a slot bank you can save money instead of lose it. Since it’d go in your house, you’d be the house! Buy it now for $121 or buy bids to try and win!
For all sorts of fun items go to DealDash.com and make it your first penny auction experience.