Seattle, SoCal, NorCal or NYC native? Save Money on AmazonFresh Groceries!

amazonfreshyDid you know that you could buy groceries and save a lot of your hard earned cash on groceries, food, and drinks thanks to DealDash!? While you can buy various gift cards that could be used for groceries, i.e. Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club on DealDash, if you win gift cards and live in greater Seattle, Northern or Southern California and the New York Metro area you can take advantage of Amazon’s awesome new grocery service, AmazonFresh and save even more off of Amazon’s great prices thanks to DealDash gift cards to
Shop for groceries from the comfort of your home, at school or at work on AmazonFresh. You can even buy your favorite foods in bulk, spices, fancy sparkling drinks, snacks, fresh produce, ice cream and more!
Take a look at what AmazonFresh offers:

FREE same-day and early morning delivery on orders over $35.
 Thousands of items ready for delivery from milk to electronics.
Meat, cheese, bakery, fresh fruits, veggies, beverages, prepared foods, ice cream! Yes, AmazonFresh will deliver ice cream to your door!
All items are delivered to your door at a specified time.
Organic produce! The prices aren’t bad either, on par with the grocery store.
amazon fresh

Incredible, right!? Makes me wish I lived in Northern/Southern California, Seattle or New York City. Wouldn’t it be awesome to not have to go to the grocery store, push a cart around, wait in lines to check out, load and unload the car? Yeah, this is seriously the solution to grocery shopping for busy people, or anyone who just doesn’t care to go grocery shopping.
So how can you bid to win on great deals on groceries that don’t even involve you doing much more than browsing and ordering online then putting the groceries away? Check out these upcoming auctions for gift cards on DealDash and bid to win! If you don’t win an item you can get your bids back by using buy it now and still get your groceries by trying out AmazonFresh. Remember, you must live in Seattle, NYC, LA or San Diego (NorCal/SoCal).
This recent auction for 500 bids + a $500 gift card sold for $24.15! DealDash offers tons of Amazon gift cards in wide range of values from $10-500+!
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