How to Get Your Bids Back on DealDash!

Did you know that if you don’t win an item you can get all of your bids back on DealDash and get the item too?
DealDash offers a great way to save money on gift cards and electronics, but that’s not all DealDash offers. Do you see something that you really want and you BID to WIN, but in the end you did not win?
DealDash offers thousands of auctions a week and sure not everyone will get that $1.00 deal on a brand new laptop, so what happens to all of the bids of the non-winners to try DealDash?
The really great thing about DealDash is that they let you get all of your bids back on an item if you don’t win it. How does that work? DealDash extends the opportunity to every user to be able to purchase an item at the stated buy it now price. This BUY NOW price  is really at or around the retail value of the item on another site or from another retailer.
You just click “BUY IT NOW” on the item you have placed your bids in and sadly didn’t win, then you buy the item and all of your bids placed on bidding for that item will be credited back into your bidding account to be used to bid on any other auction you want to try to win! If you don’t win that one you can keep going and use buy it now again. There’s no limit on buy it now items. All you have to do is buy them and you will get your bids back.
Why is BUY IT NOW a GREAT DEAL? Not only do you have the opportunity to try to win what you want for way less than in stores you can get the item shipped to you free when you use buy it now. Plus, it’s win-win, you get the item you want and you get your bids back!
Do you use DealDash’s buy it now? What have you won or bought recently on