Have You Tried Weighted Blankets Before?

Have you ever shopped for the weighted blanket on DealDash.com?  

I’m shopping for one now, and as of this writing, many more will be coming up for auction soon. I especially like the auctions that block all new bidders at 50 cents instead of $5.00. That could mean a  lot less competition. However, all it takes are two determined shoppers to keep it going for a long time, so we have to know when to get out of one auction and get into another one. Shopping in the right auction at the right time can make all the difference between losing or winning.

This gray weighted blanket has a BIN of $315 and measures 48-inches by 72-inches and weighs 16.3-pounds. 

I heard about weighted blankets but I never before looked into them. It appears that sleeping with a weighted blanket can have many benefits. 

According to the DealDash auction description, it is designed to promote a sense of deep relaxation to help us enjoy a “full restful and restorative night’s sleep.” It has two weighted layers: “two made from poly fiber and the last from 0.8mm glass beads.” It also comes with a “plush velvet quilt cover” with a “silky, soft feeling.” The inner blanket is made of 100 percent soft, durable cotton with 200TC. It also  has an easy-access zipper and 8 ties for easy attachment to the quilt cover so the inner blanket remains in place. The inner blanket should be spot-cleaned only, but the quilt cover is machine washable.

The auction description says, “All three weighted layers are engineered to mimic the feeling of being hugged or tucked in, providing you with an overarching feeling of security. This comfortable pressure offers you an immediate sense of calm, and helps you enter a relaxed state so you can gently drift off to sleep.” That sounds about right to me. 

When I was young, I remember that even on really hot nights, I piled on a lot of blankets because it made me feel more safe and secure.  However, because of the weight of t he blanket, it’s “not suitable for children.”                                                       

As of this writing, there are only 14 units of this auction left, and this weighted blanket is a fairly popular item. Therefore, if we want it, we better shop for it while we still can.  It’s not surprising that it is such a popular item. After 200 reviews by former winners, this weighted blanket received a high overall rating of 4.86 out of a possible 5.0. 

So far, the best deal anyone got on  this item was January 19, when it sold at $1.71 and the winner paid a total of $13.71 including the cost of the 60 bids placed.

A brief history of weighted blankets

Some of the earliest uses of weighted blankets dates back to 1999. According to my research, Tina Champagne, who was an occupational therapist, began using weighted blankets to help some mental-health patients. However, they were originally designed as an aid for Autism and other sensory disorders. Now some people use these weighted blankets to just get a good night’s sleep – especially people with symptoms of restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia and anxiety. These blankets can help relieve stress for people with ASD and improve their ability to focus with the task at hand. 

Sometimes, during cold weather I’ve heard some adults with arthritis complain about feeling stiffness in their joints from the cold. My resources all say weighted blankets can be good for people with arthritis because it keeps the users warm during the night. This prevents stiffness in the joints because it helps the muscles to relax.

Researchers found that when a group of 26 young adults with no previous sleep problems used a weighted blanket at night, their bodies produced more melatonin than when sleeping with a conventional blanket. 

Weighted blankets tend to ease people into REM sleep and that is where dreams take place. According to the information I read, that’s good because studies show that dreams are good for us.

The bottom line

It might be a good idea to look up more information about benefits a weighted blanket offers so you know if it might be something you or a family member could use for a better night’s rest. If so, shop for one on DealDash while you still can. See you in the auctions!

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