Getting the Most Out of DealDash

Are you getting the most out of Other than winning fantastic deals when shopping, DealDash also offers many other opportunities to its customers. 

Perhaps many shoppers simply open the DealDash Home Page and immediately start placing bids in various auctions without looking at anything else. Shoppers who do that could be missing out on several customer advantages that DealDash has to offer. 

Let me give you some examples.

Your chance for free bids

DealDash offers several free bid opportunities. Do you know about all of them? Sometimes we may have to go looking for them.

For instance, if we scroll down to the bottom of the Home Page, we will see a new article that was posted January 21, 2024, titled “It’s time for our Customer Spotlight Challenge.” Did you read it? I did. 

I learned all I had to do to get a free 200 bid pack was to purchase one bid pack within the last seven days and answer the question of the week. This week’s question was, “What would be your dream feature to add to our (the DealDash) platform?” After doing a little creative thinking I sent my response to the support team at: [email protected]. Only moments later, my 200 free bids were added to my account.

Another way we can receive free bids is by shopping on DealDash each and every day without missing a day. Every day we shop on DealDash, we can earn some free bids. The more consecutive days we shop without taking a break, the more free bids we win, all the way up to 30 bids. 

Once we work our way up to 30 free bids per day, and place all 30 bids each day, we will continue to receive 30 free bids per day as long as we do not miss a day. If we miss a day, we will have to start all over again at zero and work our way back up to 30.  That means we have the opportunity to use our 30 free bids in any auction. If we win, we can still get all 30 bids back again the next day. However, if we only used 10 of our 30 free bids, we will only get 10 of our free bids back again. But if we only use our free bids, we will never lose.

Of course, another way we win free bids is by earning time on the clock for every bid we place. When our green time-line at the bottom right of our computer screen moves all the way to the right, we will win more free bids.

Tools to help you

Using DealDash tools gives shoppers an advantage, too. 

By using the “Browsing Categories” tool near the top left of the Home Page, we can immediately find what we are looking for and save a lot of time. We can also save time by using the blank “Searching Auctions” bar near the top right of the Home Page. 

By clicking on “My Dashboard” at the top right of our DealDash Home Page, another window will open showing a whole list of categories to choose from on the left side of the page, such as “Bidding History” and “Coupons and Gift Cards.”  

The bottom line

Customers might be amazed at the helpful information we can find if we take a few minutes to become familiar with the DealDash site before we start shopping. 

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.