Shopping for Gifts

Are you a long-time customer who already won everything you need?

Now that your Christmas holiday shopping  is done, maybe your shopping days on DealDash have come and gone, too. Really? Perhaps we could shop for gifts all year ’round  – for birthdays, high school and college graduations, weddings, baby showers and anniversaries. 

As DealDash customers we already know this is a fun way to shop, so why stop? Whenever we have bad snow blizzards, the good news is that we can always shop from the comfort of our own homes. Why go out in the cold and risk driving on slippery roads. We can stay warm and save the cost of gas at the same time. 

We never know when a family member or friend will have a new grandchild, or a niece or nephew will get graduate or get married. By having our own gift box at  home, we can be prepared for any event at any time. So why not have fun shopping every day to see what exciting items DealDash has to offer.

Diaper Bag

Did you see the durable and roomy leather diaper bag up for auction on 

January 21, this leather diaper bag with a BIN of $500 sold at only $1 and the winner paid a total of $6 including the cost of the 25 bids placed. Imagine how excited that DealDash shopper was to win a huge bargain like that! 

This is the “ultimate” diaper bag.  This durable “environmentally-friendly vegan leather bag comes in brown and grey. It’s a perfect size and the many compartments also makes it convenient. The dimensions of this bag are 13 by 13-inches and 5.9 inches in height. 

According to the DealDash auction description, it features: 

  • 2 thermo-insulated side pockets to keep baby bottles warm:
  • Multiple different sized pockets with secure zips and buttons;
  • extra detachable bottle holder with handy top carry loop; 
  • Matching foldable baby change mat; 
  • Stand-lone carry pouch to store extra wipes or easy-access items and additional straps to secure to a buggy, or to carry cross body. 

After receiving 53 ratings from previous winners, this bag received rave reviews with an overall rating of 4.89 out of a possible 5.0. That speaks volumes for its high-quality. One previous winner said she gave this diaper bag to her niece at a baby shower and here niece “loves the quality and size of the diaper bag”… because it “Fits all the necessities a new mom and baby need.” For more detailed information about this diaper bag, see the auction description.

A bit of history

In the early 1970s when my sons were born, most babies still wore cloth diapers and many mothers 

simply used plastic bags to carry clean diapers and another to have a place to carry the dirty ones. 

Disposable diapers were just coming out, but most young mothers on a tight budget only used the disposable diapers when traveling. I believe the first diaper bags came out a few years later. But the diaper bags on DealDash are very useful gifts. So if you just had or will soon have a new grandchild, you might want to give a diaper bag to the child’s mother. A gift like this will be greatly appreciated and it will get plenty of use.

The bottom line

DealDash frequently adds new products, so it’s a good idea to check every day to make sure we do not miss anything. 

Happy shopping everyone!

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.