Happy New Year! Top New Year Resolutions and Help to Keep Them

happy new yearHappy New Year!
Got your resolutions set for 2015?
A few popular New Years resolutions that people set:

  • Save Money – budget and track your spending with apps like the one from Mint.com & Get out of debt!
  • Keep a clean car, house. Win AutoZone gift cards on DealDash and save money on everything you need to clean and maintain your car! autozone
  • Lose weight
  • Learn a new language or skill – Bid on Rosetta Stone Auctions on DealDash
  • Stop smoking –  maybe try eCigs!
  • Get more sleep – Track your sleep with tools like the Beddit Sleep Tracker sold on DealDash Beddit tests
  • Quit drinking soda – there’s tons of research suggesting high fructose corn syrup is unhealthy and even cause of weight gain (sugar spikes insulin levels and can turn into fat.) Bid on items like SodaStream and make your own healthier versions of  your favorite fizzy drinks.
  • Better Hygiene i.e. brush AND floss – make it easier with a WaterPik and Sonicare toothbrush. Find these on sale at DealDash too and get them for way less than retail!
  • Exercise more  – Fitbit and other smartwatches are making it easier to track your exercise and they have apps to keep you motivated to walk further.
  • Eat healthier – make better choices!
  • Travel more – find ways to save money on travel by bidding on travel gift cards on DealDash and read these money saving travel tips.
  • Cook at home more – these cookware and baking deals on DealDash can help!
  • Clean your house and keep it clean! Check out these cleaning supply and Spring Cleaning deals.
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What would you like to do in 2015? Do you have some of these same resolutions set, or are your’s different? Tell us about them!
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