10 DealDash Bidding Resolutions for the New Year!

happy new yearMany people set New Year’s resolutions, resolutions to get fit, save money, make more money are on the top. But what if I told you that you could save money if you won items on DealDash? Let’s set a few bidding resolutions for the new year!
1. Bid like a boss!
Don’t just throw a few bids in here and there. Place a bid and make it count! Keep bidding until you win, or until you can buy it now and get your bids back!
2. Don’t bid late!
It’s really frustrating when you’re bidding against 1-2 others and you click the bid button way too late and the auction ends! You really wanted to stick it out and bid until you could win. It’s not sure how soon that would have been, but still frustrating when you invest time and money. So don’t bid late. Set a bid buddy and ‘forget it’!
3. Need it? Bid it
Like gas gift cards. If you drive you know you could save money by winning gas gift cards. If you don’t win, again, use buy it now and get your bids back and the card in the mail.
4. Become a powerbidder

Want to become a bidding expert, read our tips in our series about powerbidders.
5. Remember your limits!
Set limits. Budget your expenses and keep track of your bids. Watch your win limit allotment for the week/month and be sure you make the most of your bidding/winning!
6. Bid creatively!
Did you know you could customize your bidding profile with unique avatars and status messages with anything you want to say (be nice) to other bidders during an auction? Read how.
7. Buy bids when they are cheap!
Bids are $0.60 on DealDash, be sure to buy them when they’re on sale!
8. Win bids
Even better – find ways to get free bids by posting pictures of your wins on social media. Read more on how to get free DealDash bids!
Good luck & Happy New Year bidding on DealDash!