Halloween Tips by DealDash!

Halloween is my  favorite holiday because you can dress-up and be anyone or anything you want.  I also love Halloween because it’s my birthday!  When getting your Halloween decorations out and planning the festivities, keep in mind: #1 fun, personality in costume and of course safety! If you are planning to go out Trick or Treating with your children here are a few tips I have used to keep the kids safe.  First, use the plastic pumpkin to hold all their candy, these are especially good because you can put a lit up flashlight inside and your child will have a brightly glowing light to see their way, and the drivers in the area can see them more clearly too, especially when all the children have the lit up pumpkins. If you live in a cold region, be sure to design the costume to be large enough  to have a coat or heavy sweater underneath.  Here in New England it occasionally snows on Halloween and often rains, so don’t forget the umbrella!
Always go out in groups and have each child have a “Trick-or-Treat Buddy” That is to have two children responsible for each other, they hold hands and cross roads together.  Know the neighborhood that you go too.  It’s always fun to have your neighbors see your little ghouls in full costume.  Halloween is a time when neighborhood bloom with camaraderie and all the fences come down for the children. Revel in that, and take the time to greet your neighbors with a smile.
The trend today is to have a Halloween Party before going out.  These pot-luck type parties can be a safer alternative for the littlest ones in your group.  The mom’s get together and plan the party at one’s home, and everyone brings something to celebrate.  You can also plan a theme party where everyone comes as a pirate, ghosts or use your imagination, the sky’s the limit when it comes to Halloween, nothing is too weird!  Don’t forget your camera because these memories are worth saving for a lifetime
One thing I’ve noticed about having a birthday on Halloween is that a lot of people do! If you are fortunate enough to have a birthday on this magical day, always share it with your friends! Have a party, let your guard down, let your hair down and have fun! If you’re looking for the best Halloween deals, do not hesitate: head over to DealDash and bid on some Halloween treats!
Happy Trick-or-Treating! Happy Halloween!