Halloween Shopping Fun

How about doing some Halloween shopping on DealDash.com?

DealDash is in full swing of highlighting and meeting all of our Halloween needs. Let me count the ways:

  1. Halloween Bid Packs
  2. Halloween Scary Movie DVDs
  3. Halloween Costumes

Now is the time to go for it and see what kind of deals we can get. For more information, I will take a closer look at each category.

Make this Halloween a safe, fun time!

Halloween bid packs

Did you win any Halloween bid packs yet?  We have plenty of Halloween bid packs to choose from in various amounts:

  • 112 Wicked Wardrobe Bid Pack
  • 261 Wicked Wardrobe Bid Pack
  • 555 Wicked Wardrobe Bid Pack
  • 697 Wicked Wardrobe Bid Pack
  • 972 Wicked Wardrobe Bid Pack
  • 1171 Wicked Wardrobe Bid Pack

Perhaps we could all have fun by applying some of our own wicked bidding strategies to win each and every Wicked Wardrobe Bid Pack before they all disappear.

Halloween Scary Movie DVDs

Did you see the unique 16-disc set of Halloween scary movie DVDs with a BIN of $98.00? If your family enjoys watching scary DVD movies then DealDash has just what you are looking for.

Each of the 16 discs includes special features you might never before have seen and includes things such as a movie stills gallery, theatrical trailers, behind the scenes interviews, cuts, TV spots, radio spots and much more. For a detailed list of everything these DVDs include see the DealDash description in the auction.

Sometimes these movies are difficult to win, but some past winners got them at a bargain price. For example:

  • Oct. 7, this 16-disc auction sold for $2.17 and the winner paid a total of $8.88 including the cost of the 39 bids placed.
  • Oct. 8, this auction sold for $6.14 and the winner paid a total of $28.14 including the cost of the 110 bids placed.

Another 4K collection (1995 to 2002) of scary Halloween DVDs is also up for auction.

Halloween costumes

DealDash has several popular children’s costumes up for auction for both girls and boys. They consist of capes, jumpsuits and floor-length dresses made out of polyester fabric and most of them come in a medium size that would probably fit children in the 6 to 12 age range.

The BIN prices are $47, $48, $53, and $59 depending on the costume selected. Many times the costumes are selling at bargain prices. For example:

  • A girl’s Halloween cap and dress costume imitating a popular movie sold Oct. 8 for 13 cents and the winner paid a total of $1.13 including the cost of the 5 bids placed.
  • A boy’s jumpsuit costume imitating a popular movie hero sold Oct. 8 for only 8 cents and the winner paid a total of 48 cents including the cost of 2 bids placed.
  • A boy’s cape and jumpsuit costume from a galaxy movie character sold Oct. 8 at 17 cents and the winner paid a total of $1.77 counting the cost of the 8 bids placed.
  • A girl’s Halloween costume designed after a popular video game character sold Oct. 8 for only 10 cents and the winner paid a total of only 70 cents including the cost of the 3 bids placed.

We would not even be able to purchase costumes at such bargain prices at any local discount or used-clothing store. Therefore, if I had young children or grandchildren, DealDash is the place I would be costume shopping for them.

Happy shopping everyone!

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