A Fire Pit for As An Emergency Stove

Keeping the possibility of natural disasters in mind, wouldn’t it be a good idea to shop for a compact fire pit that can also be used for an emergency stove? Yes, DealDash.com comes to our rescue again!

That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I saw an auction for a stainless steel fire pit that can easily double as an outdoor stove. Not only would a compact fire pit like this be an excellent accessory to take with us on a camping trip, but it would also come in handy as a backup stove in case of a natural disaster, like a hurricane, loss of electricity and/or other emergencies.

A backyard firepit can be more than just a pretty accessory.

Let’s take a closer look at it.

Stainless steel fire pit

This 19.5 inch Stainless Steel Fire Pit has a BIN of $300 but most of the previous winners got it for less than that. In fact, one winner only paid a total of $29.57 including the cost of the 101 bids placed.

According to the description on DealDash this stove “has an interior basin designed with two walls within” and “this innovative design, along with tactically placed holes along the rim and bottom, creates a double blaze that is truly mesmerizing to look at. The smoke from this fire pit also will not blow into our eyes because the design prevents it by reducing the smoke.

Therefore, if you want a low smoke, log friendly, durable and compact outdoor fire pit that could double as a stove, you may want to place an alert on this auction.

Great product reviews

If we want to verify the quality of this product all we have to do is scroll down below the auction description and check out what previous winners have to say.

So far, after 5 product reviews, this fire pit received a rating of 5.0 out of a possible 5.0 so the rating cannot get any better than that.

Some of the customer comments are:

  • “Great unit for the motorhome …”
  • “If we lose power we will be able to cook on this.”
  • “As described”
  • “Very nice and compact
  • “Great stove.”

It’s always a good idea for every family to keep some emergency survivor items on hand to get through an emergency, and the Stainless Steel Fire Pit is a great product to add to our other emergency items.

This is one item I would like to shop for myself, so I will see you in the auctions.

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