Halloween Shopping For You!

Wow! DealDash.com is celebrating Halloween in an extra big way and it would be difficult to miss the Halloween items because they are all marked with flying bats.

Not only is DealDash highlighting Halloween costumes, but they are also featuring special Halloween bid packs and spooky decorations for your yard and home!

I’m really happy to see this because it gives me a good reason to do my Halloween shopping online. With the virus pandemic still out there it is probably best to do most of my shopping from the safety of my home, anyway.

Trick or Treating season is just around the corner!

Let’s take a look at some of the Halloween items DealDash has to offer.

Halloween Costumes

Some of the costumes kids will be sure to love are the scary desert dweller, a vampire classic, a popular wizard that comes with the robe and clasp (wand), a popular costume of a guy who chases down and catches ghosts, a shark and another character I do not even recognize. The full-body inflatable adult costumes include a unicorn, bear and my favorite one of all – a shark!

The children’s Halloween costumes come in a wide-variety of sizes including small, 3T to 4T, medium and 12 to 14. The full-body inflatable adult costumes are “one size fits all” but at least one of them has more than one viewing window so the costume can be adjusted to various heights. The shark inflatable costume has only one viewing window in the big, open jaw of the shark, and this costume is more than seven-feet tall. The assembled product weight is 19.58 pounds.

Most of the children’s costumes are made out of 100 percent polyester material that can be hand-washed. The adult inflatable costumes come with an air pump that requires 4 AA batteries (which are not included). They also come with special instructions to prevent over-heating and special guidelines to achieve the best form when wearing them.

The BIN prices listed for these costumes run all the way from as low as $25 for the children’s costumes to a high as $71 for the adult costumes. Check each auction listing for specific information.

Halloween Decorations

Some of the Halloween decorations include:

  • A 5.4-foot inflatable skeleton unicorn made of 190T waterproof polyester. It comes with 8 stakes and 2 ropes to secure it to the ground. It also has built-in super bright LED lights. The assembled product dimensions are (L x W x H) 10.70 x 8.27 x 4.17 inches.
  • A 30-inch lighted Halloween pumpkin with an infinity mirror features 30 white and green led lights and can be used indoors or outdoors. It is water resistant and will not be blown down easily, even in bad weather, because it is made durable. This pumpkin measures 28 by 14 by 30 inches.
  • A 10-foot tall inflatable phantom that includes internal lights, ropes, stakes and a fan.

For more outdoor Halloween decorations conduct a search in the search bar on the DealDash home page.

Halloween Bid Packs

The Halloween bid packs come in various amounts including: 100, 250, 350 and 500. By placing bids on several of these bid packs we will increase our opportunity to win at least one of them.

Happy shopping and happy Halloween!

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