Grandparents Day Sale on DealDash!

Grandparents always spoil you, and now for Grandparent’s Day, it’s your turn to spoil them.  The best thing you can do to make your grandparents happy is to go to visit them, they love that!. But if you can’t be there on Grandparent’s Day, you can send them something that reminds you of them so they know you are thinking of them.
When you do go visit Grandma her favorite thing to do is cook and bake for you.  For a very good reason, Grandmas always cook for us because she knows we love it! You should always tell your Grandma your favorite thing she prepares because you will get it when you visit.  There is always a favorite main course, mine is Chicken Divan. A family favorite, after decades now, everyone in the family has their own version of it and at a pot luck dinner, you might find four different interpretations!
Grandpa has his joys to share as well. He is motivated by making an impression that shapes the mind and lasts a lifetime.  Grandpa is always thinking of a practical joke, or some way to slightly embarrass you so you know he is  alert!  Always take the time to watch your Grandpa because you are his legacy and will most likely be a lot like him!
I’m running over to DealDash during the Grandparent’s Day Sale, September 11, 12, 13 2015 to earn 4 times the free bids for every bid I place.  While placing bids at Deal Dash I will earn four times the reward just for bidding! For every second you bid at DealDash you will earn free reward bids that will accumulate four times faster. These bids have real value and can be use in everyday auctions for items with a fair market price. DealDash has gifts your Grandparents will love!
Happy Grandparents Day! Happy Bidding!
Written by Donna M., DealDash customer since 2014.