DealDash Deals = Better Than a Dollar Store!?

Ok, if you understand the auction game and how penny auctions work you know, or will now learn, that just because the auction are “penny auctions” you won’t always get an awesome deal, but huge savings are a possibility!
Check out this roundup of recently ended auctions from – all of these items sold for less than $1 – meaning all winners spent less than 100 bids to win them, and definitely less than $10 to win (at the most)!
What about shipping costs? DealDash ships all items for free!

These items are all great additions for the home or office. Take a look at the savings!
Nine Stars 13.2-Gallon Stainless Steel Oval Sensored Trash Can sold at a final end price of just $0.34!

dealdash-trash can
This Hamilton Beach Custom Grind Coffee Grinder sold for just $0.94 -whether you like coffee, or love to cook a coffee grinder comes in handy!

hamilton beach coffeegrinder
If you love to cook/bake you will love all of this bakeware and kitchen tools!
This Farberware Bakeware (3-piece cookie sheet set) sold for just $0.26.
Perfect wedding/Christmas gift, or just a fun addition to your kitchen. Change up your dishes with a dinnerware set. This one from Better Homes and Gardens is Fluted and includes 16 pieces, it sold for $0.19. That’s just 19 bids! so if 3 doggiesmom spent money on bids and placed say 10 bids – that probably cost her $1.50. What a deal!
bhgIf you live in the northern states, you will have already have felt the cold temps or maybe even snow in some parts. SoCal, on the other hand, is experiencing a heat wave with highs surpassing 90 degrees!
Win this Nostalgia Electrics 4 Qt. Ice Cream Maker and churn out some delicious ice cream. This auction recently ended for only $0.37!
ice cream makersAnd remember, all items can be purchased with buy it now – in this case, the buy it now price is $39, but who can beat 37 cents!? And free shipping!?
What items would you like to see on DealDash?
Looking for tips to win?
Here’s a few:
1-Be Patience
Don’t always just “bid throttle” – clicking on the bid button as soon as someone outbids you will cause you to spend more money and drive up the price and contribute to attrition (competition/other bidders may get annoyed and outbid you because of it!).
2- Bid with Persistence
If you decide to bid, be persistent.
3- Use buy it now if you don’t win!
If the auction ends up not ending and you don’t win for as low as these guys did above be sure you use buy it now so that you get the item and your bids back. You will have to pay the stated price for the item, but you end up saving money!
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