First Aid Kit Shopping

“Be Prepared!” This Boy Scouts motto is one everyone should follow; and one of the most important items we might all need in an emergency is a good First Aid Kit.

Did you see the various sizes and wide variety of First Aid Kits has up for auction? Now is a great time to go shopping for one. Wait! Did I say only one? Actually, why not shop for three First Aid Kits?  We should keep one in our house, one at our place of work and one in our car or camper.

We could give no better gift to ourselves, our family members or other loved ones than to have First Aid items available when needed for an unexpected emergency.

Consider keepig a first aid kit in your office, home, and vehicle too!

So let’s take a look at some of the First Aid Kits that DealDash now has available.

2-in-1 first aid kit

This 9-inch wide kit weighs 1.2 pounds and has a BIN of $110. It could fit under a sink, in a closet, in an office desk or backpack or in a car glove box. It is fully stocked and includes a 37 different First Aid items (a total of 120 pieces) in each set of five. It has an organized interior with various compartments to provide quick and easy access. Yet, it is rugged and sturdy. It also includes a mini First Aid Kit that is lightweight with an additional 32 medical items.

Another special feature about this First Aid Kit, according to the auction description, is that it includes a “comprehensive 18-page first aid guide to help us correctly administer first aid in a wide-range of emergency situations.”

Some of the items listed includes various sizes of bandages, antiseptic wipes, alcohol prep pads, moleskin blister relief, First Aid tape, CPR mask, trauma shears, emergency glow stick, metal tweezers, sewing kit, whistle, compass, cotton tips, safety pins, instant ice pack, sterile gauze pads  and more. For a detailed list, see the auction description.

200-piece professional first aid kit

This 200-Piece Professional First Aid Kit is 5-inches wide and 7-inches tall. It has a BIN of $120 and comes in a set of five.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this might be the perfect First Aid Kit for you because it includes many outdoor survival supplies. This kit, according to the auction description, includes “an emergency thermal Mylar blanket, magnesium Firestarter with built-in navigational compass and emergency whistle, a compact hand saw, an 11-piece fishing kit with swivels and sinkers, and a mini signaling mirror.”

Like the other First Aid Kit listed above, a comprehensive 18-page first aid guide will help you correctly administer first aid both in the wilderness and at home.

For a detailed list of everything included in this kit, please see the auction description.

Complete bundle first aid kit

This Complete Bundle First Aid Kit has a BIN of $102 and it is separated into the following four different packs:

  • 1X Surviveware 100-Piece Comprehensive Premium First Aid Kit
  • 1X Survival 64-Piece First Aid Kit Pocket-Sized Pouch
  • 1X 200-Piece Professional First Aid Kit for Home, Car or Work and
  • 1X 2-in-1 First Aid Kit (120 Piece).

The items included in these four separate packs are too many to list here. For a detailed list, see the auction description.

Survival pocket-sized pouch first aid kit

This Survival 64-Piece First Aid Kit Pocket Sized Pouch comes in a set of 10 and has a BIN of $130. If we wanted to gift it to a small Boy Scouts group it might be the perfect auction to shop for the win.

Each pouch measures 6.5-inches by 4.5-inches and (according to the auction description) each one of these 10 pouches would easily “fit in your hand, pocket or travel bag.”

For a detailed description of this 64-Piece First Aid Kit, see the auction description.

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