DealDash Auction Icons

It is important to pay attention to all of the DealDash icons in the upper left-hand corner of the auctions?

Each symbol provides specific information regarding each particular auction. DealDash has clearly marked the auctions and makes it very easy for us to know what rules apply. Before placing our bids, therefore, we need to pay attention to those rules. Otherwise, we could be confused or disappointed.

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Brush up on the DealDash icons to have a better idea of how each auction works.

No exchange auctions

Did you see the round red circle icon symbol with reversed round white arrows inside the circle on the top and bottom?

This is one of the newest icons and this symbol means that if we win that auction we will not have the option of exchanging the auction product for bids instead.

I thought the auctions with this icon might have less competition and be easier to win because many shoppers only bid on certain auctions with the intention of exchanging them for free bids. If you do not yet know what this icon symbol stands for, however, you might be surprised at the end if you win.

No re-entry auctions

Did you see the round purple icon symbol with the fist inside? If you want to know what it stands for all you have to do is click on it and an explanation will appear. The first time I saw this icon, I did not completely understand how it worked, but here’s the deal:

  1. We must place our bids in BidBuddy only and are not allowed to place single bids.
  2. We can only get in and out of this auction BEFORE it reaches the “No New Bidders” status.
  3. At the time the auction reaches the “No New Bidder” status, we must be actively participating in the auction and, from that point on, we cannot run out of bids or leave the auction or we cannot get back in. We can, however, add more bids BEFORE we run out of bids. Once we are out, we are out and cannot get back in.

At first, I thought these auctions would be much easier to win but, after participating in several of them, I came to the conclusion that they can be very competitive.

Royalty only auctions

Did you see the round blue icon symbol with the ribbon and star inside the circle? That means only Royalty members at the “Hero Tier” level are allowed to participate in this auction.

To qualify as a Hero Royalty member we must purchase a minimum of 2,000 bids in a calendar month. We will remain in our royal tier status until the end of the following month when all tiers are reset to zero.

DealDash created a total of three”Tier Levels” and each one comes with additional benefits with the goal of rewarding its most loyal customers. The other two are the “Noble Tier” (which requires the purchase of 10,000 bids in one calendar month) and the “Monarch Tier” (which requires a purchase of 20,000 bids in one calendar month).

The icon for the “Noble Tier” is a round circle of leaves with a “D” in the middle, and the icon for the “Monarch Tier” is a king’s crown with a “D” on the crown.

The bottom line

Pay attention to the icon symbols and if you do not know what they stand for; check out the information on the bottom of the home page. Customer service would also be happy to answer any of your questions.

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