Finding Easy To Win Auctions

Did you ever want to find an “easy-to-win” auction on but had no idea how or where to start looking?

That is what I wanted to do. I only needed one more auction to reach my goal of 1,000 auctions won on DealDash since I first started shopping here in 2012. I was determined to reach that goal on Christmas Day. So I was looking for an “easy-to-win” auction.

A woman is surprised as she bids in online auctions from the comfort of her living room.
Win or lose, online auctions are exciting!

With all of my shopping experience on DealDash I thought it would be easy. Did I achieve my goal? Yes. Was it easy? No. It could have and should have been easy but I made some mistakes.

Mistake Number 1

I did not look in the best place in the first place. What is the best place to look for “easy-to-win” auctions?

I believe the best place to look is in the “featured winners list.” In the end, the auction I ended up winning was listed there all along. That’s where we can see all of the auction products that sold for only one or two bids. If we see the same auction product listed three or more times, we can feel fairly certain that there is a trend for that product to close early.

If we write down the name of the auction item that recently sold early several times, we can verify that information by opening up that auction item and checking all of the previous winners. If we see that auction product sold low six out of the last 10 times we know we could be a winner, too, one of the next six times it closes early. Of course we also know it partly depends on whether or not other high-stakes or power bidders happen to join the same auction, so we have a decision to make.

Did your mother ever tell you to “never put all of your eggs into one basket?” I never understood that quote until after I became an adult. In this case, we have to decide if we are going to put all of our bids into one auction? Perhaps we should do a search on this product and put a portion of our bids into several auctions. Then we could keep an eye on all of our auctions and put the most bids into the auction that appears to have the lowest number of shoppers and the least competition.

Mistake Number 2

I was in an excellent position to win an auction – perhaps, too good of a position. What do I mean by that?

I had just earned a significant amount of bids for completing a Time As Highest Bidder level. Therefore, I had plenty of bids to outbid most other shoppers, and that can be a problem. Whenever we have more than enough bids to win, we often tend to get a little more careless how we use them. Whenever we only have a few bids to shop with we tend to be a lot more careful how we use them and are more motivated to play smart. A large part of “playing smart” is paying close attention and frequently monitoring the auction. But it was Christmas Day! How many people can pay close attention and frequently monitor their auctions with visitors and phone calls?

Mistake Number 3

I got out of a few auctions a little too soon and I might have been the winner if I had hung in there a little longer. In other words, I cancelled my bids in more than one auction that sold within a few bids later.

One thing that fooled me was the sporadic bidder that I have written about before so I should have known better. Many of us might have been one of the last few shoppers. The auction gets down to the wire with only two bidders left and we are one of them. Suddenly, another shopper jumps in. So now we think we might as well save a few bids by allowing those two to battle it out for a while before we jump back in. However, our sporadic new bidder does not stick around long enough to battle it out with our main opponent so our opponent wins the auction.

Bottom Line

I finally did win that much-needed last auction to reach my goal so all is well in my DealDash world. I am thrilled to become part of the elite group of DealDash shoppers who won 1,000 auctions or more. Perhaps you could reach that goal, too.

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