Don’t Make This DealDash Mistake Today!


We often give you suggestions on what to DO here on DealDash Tips. Here are some mistakes you will want to avoid on DealDash.

A little DealDash mistake here and there won’t hurt your participation on DealDash. However, if you keep making the same mistakes over and over again it will hurt your success on DealDash. You want to be as successful as possible, right? Of course you do! Every time you get a win on DealDash and you see those fireworks it’s just like Christmas has come early and it’s time to celebrate. You need to minimize your mistakes, read on for more information.

You Have to Have a Plan

Having a plan is a very important part of winning on DealDash. Bidding without a plan is akin to taking a trip without packing! You can certainly minimize any mistakes that you make on DealDash by having a plan along with a backup plan just in case the auction doesn’t go how you have predicted that it will.

Use BIN, it Makes Good Sense

Sometimes we can’t help but make a few mistakes here and there. However, you can completely erase your mistakes by doing a BIN (Buy It Now) on the item that you were bidding on. This is why it’s a smart idea to only bid on things that you’re really interested in owning. This is especially relevant on items that are more expensive such as TVs and other electronics. We all know that these auctions tend to run longer and take more bids to win. Why waste hundreds of bids? Be prepared to Buy It Now if you don’t win, and you’ll never waste your bids because you will get them all back when you buy the item for the retail price.

Bid For Yourself, Don’t Worry About the Other Bidders

It’s a smart idea to try and get to know a bit about the bidding styles of the other bidders that you are competing against. However, when it comes to the actual bidding you shouldn’t be worried about them and what they are doing. They might come in and out of the auction, or they might stay for the long haul and keep feeding their BidBuddies with bid after bid. However, no matter how the other bidders are participating, just worry about yourself. I can’t even tell you how many times I have been too interested in what the other bidders are doing that I ended up getting distracted and losing the auction. Good thing that there’s always BIN as a safety net!

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