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What are some of the greatest DealDash tips that you have ever heard or read? If you want to win big, then follow these great tips on DealDash.

Most people who read the DealDash Tips Blog are familiar with DealDash and have probably heard quite a few great tips. Whether it’s from this blog or from one of the other blogs that DealDash sponsors. If you haven’t been to the other blogs, give them a look! You can find the DealDash Blog or the DealDash Reviewed Blog by clicking on their names. For now, follow the tips below for more DealDash wins.

Bid When People are Winning

When is the right time to bid? Tons of people have asked me when the right time to bid is, and my answer is when other people are getting good deals. You can see when people are getting really low prices by checking the Winners List” you can see all the auctions that have closed, including the price and an estimate of how many bids were spent.

If you look at the Winner’s List and see that 5 out of the last 20 auctions have closed for less than a dollar, you know that now is an awesome time to bid! Everyone else is getting a great deal at this time, why not you? Get in there and bid.

Check the Final Prices of Things You Want

A fairly recent piece of information that you can see on DealDash is exactly how much an item ended up costing on DealDash. For example, say you’re interested in a set of sheets. When you visit the sheet set’s individual auction page you can see the previous winners and what the final price was on the sheets. If you see that the set of sheets typically closes for a final price of either $2 or $10, then you might decide to enter the auction when the price is close to $2. If you don’t win after placing 50 bids or so, then you might want to come back later when the auction is closer to $10. Or you might choose to interpret the data in a different way and make your own plan. That’s the great thing about DealDash, you can make your own plan and play your own way. It’s up to you, like at a buffet.

Don’t Forget to BIN

If you don’t end up winning your item, there’s the Buy It Now option(BIN). This option allows you to purchase any item on DealDash for its listed retail value. After paying, you get all the bids you placed for the purchased item back into your bid bank you get the item!

Thanks for Reading the Tips Blog

I hope this article was helpful for those of you who were interested in reading some great DealDash Tips. Follow my suggestions and you’ll get more enjoyment out of your DealDash experience.

Go ahead and check out the auctions on DealDash. Visit DealDash now to see what’s up for bid. DealDash has everything you need.  Have fun on DealDash, and happy bidding everyone!


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