Penny Auctions: How to Get Great Deals on Gift Cards

Have you ever won anything? How about a $25 Target for $0.40 and some change? Have you ever wanted to travel for free, or super cheap? How about $100 American Airlines gift card for only $0.17!? Can you really get deals THAT good? Yes!
How? Thanks to the penny auction model – an auction where you purchase bids for a chance to win items for less than retail and multiple bidders competing against the same item, penny auction sites are able to afford to let bidders win items for significantly less than if they were to go out to the store and buy them! Amazing deals are being had by bidders.
Here’s how it works:
You purchase bids in bid packs. Bids cost $0.14-0.60 (depending on current bid sales), then you find items you want to bid on. The latest, upcoming and currently ending auctions are on the homepage of most penny auction sites.
Then you place a bid when the timer is counting down (20 seconds or less).
If someone outbids you the timer will be reset… even if it’s almost at 0! So be patient! Keep bidding, and observing the other bidders.
You will win if no one places a bid over you when the auction timer nears – 3, 2, 1, – 0 – if no one bids you will then see an “auction ended” message on the screen. Claim your item by going to the auction wins section of your account. Purchase the item at the final price and any applicable shipping charges. Note: DealDash does not charge for shipping on any of their items, big or small! Then wait for your item!
Once you receive your item I’d say it’s a good indication to buy more bids to try to win more items. Just be sure to keep an eye on your wins and the site’s win limits – most penny auctions set limits so choose your items wisely!
Good luck & have fun!

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