DealDash Weekend Bidding Tips


Are you planning on bidding on DealDash this weekend? Here are some great tips for bidding this weekend.

Bidding on DealDash is fun on any day, but the weekend is always extra exciting. DealDash is always extremely busy on the weekend, so there is more fun to be had. You might think that bidding on DealDash on a busy weekend is a bad idea, but it’s actually a good one. Can you guess why? Becuase when it’s so busy not only are there more auctions, but there is even more of a chance that a good deal will slip right through the cracks and no one will notice that you’re getting an awesome item for just a few bids.

The Early Bird Gets the Item

If you’re planning on bidding this weekend on DealDash I would suggest trying to bid early. Many people love to sleep in late on the weekend, so if you’re able to drag yourself out of bed extra early on Saturday or Sunday morning, then you’re going to have a great shot at getting an item for a low price.

Try During Dinner

Getting up early isn’t for everyone, so here’s another suggestion. People are more likely to go out to a restaurant for dinner on Saturday night than any other day. If you choose to stay home and bid on DealDash instead, then you’ll have a little bit less competition.

Late Night? Not So Fast

You might think that staying up late to bid is a great idea, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to do it. When I first joined DealDash I was working a few overnight shifts at my job. I was very excited because I thought that I would have a competitive advantage. I had to be awake and in front of a computer from 11PM-6AM anyway, I figured that the wins would just come rolling in due to the late hour. However, it didn’t really work out that way for me. I have always had much better luck bidding in the morning than any other time. Your results might be different, of course, especially if you take time zones into consideration.

Thanks for Reading

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