DealDash Turns 6 – Six Great Bidding Tips!

DealDash, one of the world’s top entertainment auction sites for great deals is turning 6 this year! Still not winning as many items as you’d like? Check out these 6 bidding tips to help you win!

  1. Save money on bid packs by purchasing them when they are on sale. Purchase larger bid packs to bid on more auctions and set more bids on bid buddy, this could increase your chances of winning. It all depends on timing! Right now DealDash is hosting their Valentine’s Day sale where all bids are just $0.15 each. Bids are regularly $0.60 per bid, so definitely buy more bids when they are on sale.
  2. Keep track of your bids and wins to stay ahead of the game. Keep track with a spreadsheet or notepad in your smartphone.
  3. Buy it now. Buy it now lets you buy auction items even if you don’t win them, the best part about buy it now is if you don’t win and spent a lot of money in bids you will get all of your bids back once you use buy it now. To “Buy it Now!” just click on the Buy it Now link below the bidding area and you will be able to see how much it costs and the bids you will get back (all of the bids you placed!). cuisinart-buynow
  4. Bid before it’s too late. Always bid before 2 seconds and definitely before the auction is locked out to all new bidders, once it receives up to $5.00 in bids from all bidders the auction becomes “locked” to “jumpers” – late bidders.
  5. *Bookmark* or “Star” your favorite auctions to keep track of when they’re going to start ending.  On the top right corner of each auction item on the homepage of you will see a star – click on the star to bookmark it. To see your bookmarked items just go to your “Dashboard” and click on the text “bookmarked auctions.”bookmark auctions
  6. Keep track of who is out by spending one bid to see who is at their win limit! Stay ahead of your competition and know who you are bidding against. Watch auctions closely and be sure to check out the ended auctions/winners page to see who has won what recently.

Hope you win!
Do you bid on DealDash?