DealDash Tricky Tips for Wins


 By now you must have learned some tricks if you’ve been bidding on DealDash for a while. If you haven’t learned any tricks yet, it’s time to learn…


You might think that bidding on DealDash is a completely straightforward thing – see an item, bid on it, win. However, this is not usually the case. You CAN win items this way, and I have won items this way, but it’s more likely that you are going to have to employ some tricks to be at the top of your DealDash game. Here are some tips, tricks, and suggestions.

 Bid Then Take a Break

If you are bidding on something that you aren’t 100% committed to getting then sometimes it’s a good idea to throw in a few bids and then sit back and wait to see what happens. This isn’t a good strategy for something that you must have, but it’s a good tactic for an item that comes up often. This way you aren’t wasting lots of your bids if there are many people also bidding in the beginning. People tend to drop out of auctions fairly quickly if they aren’t willing to “go all the way” and do a Buy It Now (BIN). So you can quickly see who is a serious contender and who is not.

 Get Serious

On the other hand, if this is an item that you feel like you must have, then it makes sense to bid, bid, bid. Personally, I have felt this way about a few items, such as my automatic garbage can and my automatic cat litter box. These were items that I was planning on buying in the store anyway so I figured that I would keep bidding until I either won or had used up enough bids that I had reached the BIN price. If I recall correctly, I won the garbage can and ended up BINning the cat box. Either way, I got my items and was happy with the free shipping that DealDash always provides.

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When you employ these tips and tricks on DealDash you’re going to have a good time bidding. Use these tips from the DealDash Tips Blog to help you win auctions.

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