Choose a Winning Strategy on DealDash

When we do the same thing over and over and expect a different result, that’s called insanity.  Therefore, if you did not win anything on recently, perhaps it is simply time to try using a new winning strategy.

Below are some various winning strategies. Pick one and see what happens:

Bid Low, Win Big

If you look at the “winners’ list,” you will see that some shoppers on DealDash win using only one or two bids every day. They bid low and only place bids at the beginning of every auction. By using this strategy, they always pay a low closing cost. In other words, they bid low and seldom win, but when they do win, they win big. The question is: If they can do it, why can’t you?

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you have 300 bids. You could put 5 bids on 60 auctions or two or three bids on 120 auctions. If some auctions close after only one or two bids every day, and you placed some bids on 120 of them, odds might be pretty good that you could be in the right auction at the right time at least once. I experimented using this method a few months ago and I did win a ring by using only one bid.

Place All Bids in One Auction

Some shoppers place one bid near the beginning of an auction so they do not get locked out and then wait until the bidding gets down to only two players. That’s when they put all the rest of their bids in the auction, and sometimes it’s enough to win. Just do not bid in the same auction with another player who just won an 8,000 bid pack because that player could out-bid you.

Wait Until the Auction Usually Closes

Some shoppers place only one bid near the beginning of an auction and then wait until the auction reaches the selling price that it usually closes at. They look at the selling price of that auction over the last seven to ten times and make an educated guess when the auction might close again. This strategy often works pretty well, but you have to have the time to keep a close eye on the auction.


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