DealDash Top Tips Weekly Round-Up 07/06


Welcome to the first DealDash Top Tips Round-Up for the month of July! This series is the best way to get the top tips of the week if you missed any of the weekly blogs. A lot of exciting things have been happening this past week.

Bonjour bidders! Today we have the first July edition of the DealDash Top Tip Round-Up. In this amazing weekly series, we highlight the best tips and important ideas from the previous week. This series is completely about DealDash tips and tricks for bidders on DealDash. You’ll want to read this article so you don’t miss out on any information. If you are a new bidder it would be wise to go through the older Top Tip Round-Up articles. They are published every Friday, without fail!

BidBuddy Doesn’t Sleep from the June 30th Blog

The theme of June 30th’s blog was all about weekend bidding on DealDash. The top tip of that blog was simply to use the BidBuddy when you aren’t available. Here is the information from that blog:

“BidBuddy will bid for you, tirelessly, even when you can’t be there. You can still win with your BidBuddy, you don’t even have to have your computer on! Just set up the ones that you want to win and wake up in the morning and see if you have won anything that you had your eye on. If not, no biggie, because you can always Buy It Now (BIN).”

If you would like to read the whole article, just click here.

Find Your Item from the July 2nd Blog

The blog on July 2nd had a few suggestions on how to find items that you are looking for on DealDash. From the blog:

“If you scroll down to the bottom you will see page numbers that you can scroll through to see what’s coming up next. Next, you can look at the drop-down menu on the main page. It shows all of the different categories on DealDash.”

If you’d like to read that article in its entirety, just click this link right here.

It Just Takes One! From the July 3rd Blog

The blog on July 3rd was about some amazing deals that bidders have recently gotten for just a single bid. From the blog, written by Barbara:

 I counted 12 winners in just the last 24-hours who won auctions using only one bid. Here are a few:

  • A 600-Bid Pack sold for seven cents and the winner only used one bid and paid a total of 23 cents instead of $360.00.
  • A Sheet & Duvet Cover Set, King size, sold for two cents and the winner used only one bid and paid a total of 21 cents instead of $340.00.
  • A $50 Gift Card sold for 4 cents and the winner only used one bid and paid a total of 22 cents instead of $50.00.

Want to read the whole blog and be informed? Just click here.

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