DealDash Top Tips Round-Up 03/09


Welcome to the latest March edition of DealDash Weekly Top Tips Round-Up for 03/09. As we do each week, we’ll round-up some of the top tips for you from the week before. Read on for more helpful tips and tricks from DealDash Tips.

Welcome to the next blog  in the DealDash Top Tip Round-Up series for the month of March. In this popular and informative weekly series, we highlight the most helpful tips from the week before. We love to share our DealDash knowledge with all of the new (and not so new) DealDash bidders. Read on for a recap of the best tips from last week, from the DealDash Tips Blog.

Bidding Digital Cameras from the March 3rd Blog

The theme of March 3rd’s blog was all about how to get a great digital camera on DealDash. The top tip of that blog was to decide which type of digital camera you will be bidding on when using DealDash. Here is a great tip from that blog:

“ The point and shoot camera is the easiest type of digital camera to use. This is the type of digital camera that you will want to get, especially if you plan on letting any kids use it. Yes, they really are easy enough that a child can use it! Just turn it on, and take pictures!”


If you’d like to read that blog in its entirety, just click this link right here and you can check it out. There are even more descriptions of digital cameras that are up for auction on DealDash.

 Filling an Easter Basket from the March 4th Blog

The blog on March 4th was regarding tips for items to put in Easter baskets. There were ten excellent suggestions, some for kids and some for adults. Theresa had some creative ideas in this blog, but my favorite was the idea to put gift cards in the basket. This is a solution perfect for any age or interest. From that blog:

“Gift cards, gift cards, gift cards! Whether you want to grab a coffee or lunch or shop away at your favorite retailer, a gift card is always the perfect choice! ”

Want to read the whole article? Just click here.

Cleaning and Home Decor from the March 5th Blog

March 5th’s blog was all about ways that DealDash can help you get started with your Spring cleaning with some great products and home decor. There are lots of items on DealDash that you can use to get your home clean and sparkling, including Dyson vacuums. From the blog:

“Personally, I like to use a handheld vacuum with an extension like my cordless Dyson, but if you don’t have one you can use a regular vacuum. If you’d like to get a cordless or handheld vacuum, DealDash has them!”

If you would like to read the rest of that article, just click here.

Meet BidBuddy from the March 6th Blog

March 6th’s blog was filled with some great tips regarding use of the BidBuddy. A helpful suggestion from this article was how to find the BidBuddy on DealDash. From the blog:

“Sign-in to the home page of Locate an auction you want to win. Double-click on that auction. A new window will open. That’s where you will find BidBuddy. We are free to place as many bids as we want in the blank space provided, as long as we do not go over the number of bids remaining in our account.”

If you would like to read the rest of that article written by Barbara, just click here.

Spring Break Travel Tips from March 7th’s Blog

March 7th’s blog was all about the things that you could get on DealDash and use for Spring break travels. If you’re traveling far, why not get some new luggage or a bag from DealDash? From the blog:

“If you’re traveling you might want to get some new travel bags and luggage for your trip. DealDash has a great selection of bags and luggage. There are regular suitcases, toiletry bags, duffle bags, backpacks, and more.”

If you would like to read the rest of that article, just click here.

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