DealDash Tips: Want Versus Need

When you go to the home page and see all the awesome products up for auction, it could be overwhelming and a bit difficult to decide which auctions to play.

When I first started playing on DealDash, I found myself bidding on all sorts of things that I did not really need and did not end up using. It was just so much fun that I did not give much thought to what I should or should not try to win. However, that was not very smart on my part, and if I had a chance to go back to the beginning and do it over again, I would have played a lot smarter.


Perhaps the best way to make wise choices and play smart is to separate your “wants” from your “needs.” Before you start bidding, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this item something I just want or something I really need?
  • Is this item something I would go to a store to buy?
  • If I were to win this auction, would I actually use this item?
  • If I do not win this auction, could I afford to Buy-It-Now and get all my bids back free?
  • Is this item something I could give to family members or friends as a birthday, anniversary, graduation or Christmas gift?

If you separate your “wants” from your “needs,” you will make much better choices and save a lot of money. The last thing you will want to do is what I did—got a closet full of wonderful products that I never use, just taking up space.

Submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers