DealDash Tips to Win Mother’s Day

dealdash tips mothers day

Mother’s Day will be on Sunday, May 14th this year. You have approximately 2 weeks to get the lovely lady in your life a nice present. DealDash has some tips for you.

What does your mom, wife, aunt, or grandma enjoy doing? There are so many different ladies out there, and they are each special in their own way. Perhaps your mom loves art, and your wife doesn’t care about art but loves to go out to eat. DealDash has something for each of the special ladies in your life.

Pampering Items

Not all – but most – ladies enjoy pampering items. These items can include things like back and foot massagers, candles, and beauty treatments. Pampering items can also include things like perfume. Not every woman loves perfume, but many do. And the ones that love perfume tend to wear it every day, so they go through it pretty quickly.

Clothing and Bags

If a lot of women enjoy pampering items, even more women enjoy clothing and bags. DealDash has recently started offering not only clothing, but also ladies’ purses, wallets, and laptop bags. Wouldn’t your mother or wife be so surprised to be gifted with such an amazing present as a new purse? She would love it! Luckily, you can win one on DealDash for an amazing deal.

Jewelry and Watches

Do you know what kind of jewelry that the lady in your life likes to wear? You probably can’t go wrong with a beautiful necklace. Even if your favorite female doesn’t wear necklaces every day she most likely wears one on special occasions or date nights. Earrings can make a lovely gift as well, just be sure that the recipient of the gift has pierced ears!

Gift Cards for All Occasions

No matter what the lady in your life enjoys, DealDash has a gift card for that. DealDash offers restaurant gift cards, big box store cards, gas gift cards, and specialty retailer cards as well. There are gift cards of different denominations from $10 to $500! Some of these gift cards are bundled with bids, and some aren’t. If you wanted to make sure that your mom has an excellent day, why not make her up a bundle of gift cards that include all of her favorite things?

Buy It Now – BIN IT!

Now, your mom loves you and doesn’t want you to waste your money. So when you are bidding on an item and are certain that you aren’t going to win but you have already used a lot of bids on it, then you can BIN it. BIN means that you pay the retail price of the item or the face value of the gift card, and DealDash will return all of the bids that you used on the item. They will also ship it to you for free. It’s a great way to bid on the items you want, but have the safety net of getting your bids back.

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Mother’s Day is coming. There are many amazing presents on DealDash. Go visit DealDash and get your mom a great present. DealDash has everything you need. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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