DealDash Tips for Confident Bidding


Confidence is a great trait to have. Here are some tips from DealDash on becoming a confident bidder.

There’s a difference between being a confident bidder and being a shy or timid bidder. A confident bidder goes into every auction hoping to win but preparing to lose, and has a game plan to get their bids back. A shy or timid bidder just throws in a few bids here and there and hopes that they win. Confidence is important to have in life as well as when participating in DealDash auctions. Here are some tips and tricks from DealDash to get you started on your way to confident bidding.

Show The Room Who’s Boss

When you enter into a DealDash auction do you just put in one bid and then sit there and wait to see what happens? While you can do that, I find that putting multiple bids into your BidBuddy is a better strategy. When you put a number of bids into your BidBuddy then your BidBuddy can take its place in line with the other BidBuddies. When other bidders in the room see that your BidBuddy has been bidding in line with the other BidBuddies, then they know that you mean business, that you’re a confident bidder. No one fears a timid bidder who only bids once here and there. They know that you’ll be easy to beat.

Fill Out Your Bidder Bio with Confidence

Have you filled out your bidder bio yet? It’s the little blurb that you can write about yourself when you are filling out your bidder profile. Now, be nice and polite, but also be confident! Mean and nasty rude bidder bios are taken down, but you don’t have to be rude to get your point across that you’re a confident bidder who’s here to win some auctions.

Be Confident, There’s Always BIN

There’s no need to be a timid bidder. As long as you are bidding on things that you are willing to buy if you lose, then there’s nothing to be timid or shy about at all. There’s no need to be worried that you will lose all of your bids, because you can always get them back when you use the BIN (Buy It Now) feature on DealDash. The BIN feature lets otherwise timid and unsure bidders be confident in their risk-taking. DealDash is completely risk-free if you’re willing to BIN the item if you don’t win.

Know DealDash, Be Confident

You’re already ahead of the pack because you’re reading this blog and learning more about DealDash. The more knowledge you have about DealDash, the more confidence you will have. If you would like to read even more from DealDash, be sure to check out our other blogs, and

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