DealDash Tips to Save on a Vacation


Taking a trip for February vacation? Better start planning now. Here are some tips from DealDash.

Maybe you’re taking a trip in February when then kids are on break from school, or maybe you’re traveling sooner for the holidays. No matter where you’re going, DealDash can help you save big on your trip. Read on for more information.

Here’s How DealDash Can Help with Packing

If you’re leaving for more than a day or so, you’re going to have a bit of packing to do. If you’re not satisfied with the luggage and travel bags that you have now, DealDash can provide great luggage and travel bags for auction. There are single hard shell pieces of luggage, as well as sets of small, medium, and large luggage. DealDash also has duffle bags and backpacks if you just need a carry-on bag. If you need bags that are even smaller such as cosmetics bags, DealDash has those as well.

Score Gift Cards for Your Hotel

Staying with family isn’t always an option when you’re going home for the holidays. Hotels are expensive. What are you going to do?  Well, if it were me, I would bid on gift cards for your hotel stay on DealDash. One of the best things about bidding on a hotel gift card is that even if you don’t win the auction you can always do a BIN (Buy It Now) on the hotel gift card. Since you’re going to be staying in the hotel anyway, it just makes sense to try and win a hotel gift card. You might win it for a great deal, you might win it for a little bit of money off of the face value, or you might not win at all. However, no matter which of these options happen to be the case, you will get to keep your time on the time clock.

BIN and the Time Clock

BIN is a feature that DealDash offers to every bidder in every auction. This is also known as “Buying It Now.” If you have been bidding on a hotel gift card and you know that you’re not going to win the item you can purchase it at the face value of the gift card. This is a great savings for you because you will be able to keep all of the time that you accrued on the time clock when bidding on your hotel gift card.


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