DealDash Tips to Give a Birthday Surprise


How many people do you know that are having a birthday this year? Everyone! Here are some tips to score some birthday gift surprises on DealDash.

Do you like to give your friends and family birthday surprises? DealDash has just about anything that you need to get someone in your life a birthday surprise, from a 1-year-old to a 90-year-old. There’s something for everyone! Here are some tips for winning items to give as birthday surprises on DealDash.

Who Are You Giving a Gift to?

Before doing any bidding on DealDash, you’ll need to think about the person who’s birthday is coming up. As we discussed, there is something for everyone – but everyone wouldn’t want the same birthday surprise. So think about who you’re surprising. Are they a baby or toddler? A child or teenager? A young adult or middle-aged person? An elderly person? There could be some cross-over gifts, for sure, such as gift cards to restaurants, but for the most part, people from these different stages of life probably would appreciate different types of gifts.

Once you’ve determined the life stage of the person who you are giving a gift to, then select the item that you would like to win or BIN for their birthday surprise. There are quite a few different choices of items you can choose on DealDash. With that said, here are some of the items that you might want to consider when you’re searching for an item as a birthday surprise on DealDash.

  • Gift Cards – As I mentioned above, gift cards can be an excellent gift for just about anyone. For kids, there are gift cards to toy stores, bookstores, or big box-type stores that have kid items. For adults, there are restaurants, specialty stores, and hardware stores. Nothing says love like a gift card to purchase your very own surprise with!
  • Toys – Toys are a great present for the under-12 set, and DealDash has a varied selection to choose from. There are soft stuffed animals, fun night lights and lamps, rocking horses, and even bicycles.
  • Sports Equipment – For older kids and teens, sports equipment would make a wonderful birthday surprise. There is sports equipment that you can use yourself such as basketball hoops, and also signed sports memorabilia as well. Or why choose? Give a baseball bat to use and a signed baseball to keep.
  • Camping and Hiking Supplies – Outdoors equipment makes a great birthday surprise for older teens and young adults. Most of the people that I know in that age group love to go hiking, kayaking, and even geocaching. DealDash can provide all sorts of things such as hiking shoes, kayaks, and metal detectors.
  • Art and Home Decor – Any adult who has a place to call their own could use a piece of artwork or home decor. These items can be very expensive if you buy it in the store, but if you win it on DealDash it could make a very generous present.
  • Gardening Supplies – Summer is coming soon, and if you know someone who has a birthday in the Spring or Summer, then gardening supplies could be a great present to surprise them with. They’ll love it!

Choose an Auction Time

Once you’ve decided on a life stage and a present, then it’s time to choose an auction time. It’s a very rare item that only comes up once on DealDash – they typically offer the same item within a few days of each other, so more people have a chance to win the item.

Once you have decided exactly what you want, then you can do a search with the search bar to see the different days and times that this specific item is up for bid. Choose the best time for you to bid in the DealDash auction. You can just load up your BidBuddy and have him bid for you, or you can choose a time where you can control the bids. It’s up to you! Know that no matter if you win or end up doing a BIN (Buy It Now), the recipient is going to love their birthday present.

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