DealDash Tips for Surprising Wins

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Getting a surprise win on DealDash is the best surprise ever! Here are some tips for more surprise wins.

Any kind of win is great, but a surprise win on DealDash is extra-special. Have you gotten any surprise wins on DealDash lately? Have you discovered the secret of getting DealDash wins every single day? Everyone needs a little bit of surprise fun in their life. Here are some tips to increase your odds on getting a surprise win.

Use the BidBuddy

You know what the BidBddy is, right? The BidBuddy is an automatic bidding tool on DealDash that will bid for you when you input the number of bids that you are willing to spend on an auction into the BidBuddy box and hit the “Book a BidBuddy” button.

If you are hoping to get a surprise win on DealDash, the BidBuddy is definitely the way to go. If you don’t want to stay to watch the auction, the BidBuddy is a perfect option for you. You can book the BidBuddy and either check back on DealDash later, or receive an email and receive a pleasant surprise to see that you’ve won the auction.

Book Multiple Auctions

Now that you see the value in booking a BidBuddy to get a surprise win, the best way to get that win is to book multiple BidBuddies at the same time. It’s such a fun feeling to see that email from DealDash saying “Congratulations…” and if you have booked multiple BidBuddies you won’t know exactly which auction that you have won until you open the email, which really ups the surprise factor.

If you have 50 bids that you want to “chance” on an auction, and you really don’t mind losing them, why not book 10 different BidBuddies of 5 bids each? You have a fairly low chance of winning any auctions when you are only booking 5 bids each, but wow, what a fun surprise if you were to actually win an auction! If you’d still like to spread the bids around in hopes of getting a surprise, why not book 10 bids on 5 different auctions? You have a higher chance of winning by booking 10 bids instead of 5, and it will still be a fun surprise to see if you happen to win any of them.

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