DealDash Tips: Smart Bidder´s Quiz

Are you a smart bidder on Let’s see how much you really know.

1. How can you get free bids?

A. By placing at least one bid on DealDash every day

B. By submitting a photo of yourself with an auction item you won on DealDash

C. By earning time on the clock (see the green line on the bottom right of your screen)

D. By periodically submitting a review of the products you won

E. All of the above


2. How can you win great deals in more auctions?

A. By buying a huge package of bids so you can outbid everyone else

B. By recognizing screen names of power bidders and not bidding in the same auctions

C. By looking at the winners’ list and avoid bidding in the same auctions with anyone who recently won a large bid pack

D. By only bidding in auctions with the fewest number of competitors

E. By waiting until the auction gets down to two or three bidders before you place the bulk of your bids

F. By playing in auctions that consistently sell for a low amount of money

G. Answers B, C, D, E & F


3. What do players love about DealDash?

A. Shipping and handling is always free

B. The BIN (Buy-It-Now) option to get your bids back free

C. The payment system is fast and accepts Pay Pal and major credit cards

D. It’s easy to add or delete bids in the automated bidder

E. All of the above


Answers below (Do not peek ahead of time):





1. E 2. G 3. E


Submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers